We want you to get maximum benefit from your health insurance and to avoid any unexpected misunderstandings. To help us help you, please read the How to Guide, a checklist that explains how to arrange medical care outside your country, what to do before getting treatment, how to use the InterConsultation™ service, and how to submit a claim.

Make sure you take your insurance identification card with you.
Check with us to make sure your insurance plan covers the services you want to use.
Air ambulance services must be pre-approved and coordinated by Best Doctors Insurance Limited.
Notify Best Doctors within 48 hours from the time you (or a covered dependent) receives medical service.
For elective admissions, scheduled surgery, scheduled MRI, CT services and other procedures, you must notify Best Doctors at least 72 hours prior to the service date.
You will be responsible for 30% of all covered medical expenses if you fail to notify us as outlined above.

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For further information, contact us or your agent.

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